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Watchman's Prayer Letter is a monthly publication which inspires Christians to intercede for Israel in the light of current events. Included in every Prayer Letter are...

  • Scripture-based prayer topics
  • Relevant issues in Israel
  • Prophetic insight

 Current Issue

The Israel News Digest is published and distributed by Christian Friends of Israel, PO Box 1813, Jerusalem, 91015, Israel. This publication is written by Lonnie Mings, published author and CFI contributing correspondent.

Financial gifts are welcome to help defray costs. We encourage the Body of Messiah to use this material for prayer and intercession and to be kept informed regarding current events in Israel today.Current Issue

Shofar: This publication is available in Bulgarian only!

Middle East Update by Lance Lambert is translated into Bulgarian is available in English here





Watchmen From Jerusalem is written by Chuck and Karen Cohen. If you want to read and download the Watchmen From Jerusalem issues you can click this link: Watchmen From Jerusalem

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