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Who is Christian Friends of Israel?

Christian Friends of Israel-Jerusalem (CFI) is an international evangelical Christian ministry legally registered in Israel with headquarters in Jerusalem where we operate 12 outreaches and administrate the ministry. We also have representative offices throughout the world. CFI represents Christians worldwide who love Israel, and desire to express friendship and a united stand with Israel based on the Bible. Our main objectives are to take the love of Jesus back to the people who brought it to us. We do this through outreach projects in Israel. We also teach the Church of its Hebrew heritage and Biblical responsibility to the Jewish people through monthly and quarterly literature and resources as well as conferences in Jerusalem and abroad. CFI operates a Distribution Center in Jerusalem for new immigrants from the former Soviet Union and other lands of oppression. Since our doors open in January, 1991, we have been able to assist over ¼ million Russian Jews with practical items of need for resettling in a new country. Christian love sponsors this unique center in a strategic location in Jerusalem for the immigrants.


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